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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Online - Empire

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Online - Empire

Disney premiered a look at their latest big non-Pixar animated release, Wreck-It Ralph, back at the D23 event last year. What we saw then included a promising batch of artwork and some rough footage, which left us eager to see more. Now we all can, thanks to the first trailer making its way online. Check it out below.

Wreck-It Ralph is set in an ‘80s arcade game where Ralph (John C Reilly) has become profoundly bored of his seemingly endless job. All day every day, he damages a building full of people, only for the heroic, beloved Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) to come along and repair it, to the delight of the occupants. When he’s defeated, Ralph is thrown off the building.

Wanting something more out of life Ralph – overanalysing the advice from his video game villains’ support group – heads to Game Central Station and starts jumping around the other titles in the complex. He tries his hand at surviving a modern first person shooter, Hero’s Duty (which features the tough Sergeant Calhoun, voiced by Jane Lynch) and Sugar Rush, where he meets annoying sprite Vanellope von Schweetz, featuring the vocal cords of Sarah Silverman. Can he find his true place in the virtual world?

Though the thunder of the support group comedy may have been taken a little by Pixar’s Small Fry, that’s just one element in a bigger story. Otherwise, this looks like a geek-tastic treat for video game fans, and with Simpsons / Futurama veteran Rich Moore directing, you know the nerd comedy’s in good hands. The film will be out on February 15 next year.


Painting contest for child labourers - Times of India

RANCHI: A painting and debate competition was held for child labourers on the premises of HPDC by World Vision India and Urban Area Development Programme on Wednesday.

Nisha Lakda, a child labourer who participated in the competition, while talking about the demerits of being a child labourer, said: "I can't go to schools and that's why I don't have a dignified life like other children. Seeing them, I too feel the difference between them and us."

Nisha couldn't have been more correct given that this was the message sent out by most of the child labourers through their paintings. One such painting depicts two child labourers, a girl and a boy, watering a garden and on the other side some children were going to school. Seeing the children go to school, the child labourers develop a strong urge to study in school.

There were other paintings which depicted the better treatment by the housewives towards the child labour and some showed the difference between a literate and illiterate family.

"World Vision India is working in many areas. That's why child labourers below 14 years from areas like Harmu, Hatia, Bariatu and many areas in and around the city participated in this programme. The main motive is to provide some assistance to them so that they can sustain themselves," said Mitul Nayak, community development coordinator.

Nayak further said, "While 12 childern participated in the debate competition, 35 participated in the painting contest. The theme for the painting contest was 'How does child labour affect your life and how will you fight it'. The awards will be given on June 12 when Child Labour Day will be observed.


Rangers fiasco is painting Scottish football in a bad light, admits SFA chief executive Stewart Regan - Daily Telegraph

"Anyone would have probably laughed at you if you'd have said that's what you were facing,” said Regan. “No one could have predicted it so it's a hypothetical question, but I would say that I personally have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this job.

“I love the fact we have made so much change in such a short space of time and I like the fact the game is moving forward. There's still a long way to go especially with league reconstruction, but I really have enjoyed it.

"Of course I get frustrated when I get the police giving me advice on how to behave in Scotland, given the culture we operate in, and when people send me inappropriate emails and messages but I've learned to live with that and put it down to experience. I know some of you get the same abuse I do so that kind of makes it a bit easier.

"I think Scottish football fans are more passionate than any fans I've seen anywhere in the world. I've grown up in the North East of England in a football-loving family and a football-loving culture and I've been to some of the most passionate derby matches you can imagine.

“However, I haven't seen anything like the Old Firm rivalry and how it takes on a very different perspective when you roll in religion and politics all into one pot. Unfortunately a minority actually choose to use any attempt they can to undermine you, to create conspiracy theories to try and deflect from the good work that is going on.

“And I think it's very sad for the world of football but it's the world that we live in, and we deal with it.”

One high-profile figure who might yet become a casualty of the revelations at Rangers is Campbell Ogilvie, who was secretary/director at Ibrox when the contentious Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) were introduced there.

Regan, though, presented a stout defence of his president when he said: “Let's not forget that EBTs are not illegal. They are illegal if they are used knowingly in an incorrect manner. That is something we are still waiting for facts on, but I am satisfied that Campbell has discharged his duty of care.

"He has done everything we could have asked of him and, so far as his integrity is concerned, he is a man with many years as a highly respected administrator across the game of football in Scotland. He has been upfront, transparent and the board are happy we could not have expected any more of him at this stage."

One particularly significant change to SFA articles, which was approved unanimously, came out of the Rangers morass and obliges clubs to investigate the background of prospective new owners.

Regan also declared that Fifa will take no action against the SFA for Rangers’ action in going to court to contest a 12-month transfer embargo imposed by the association’s independent Judicial Tribunal.

Rangers fans, meanwhile, will be given the chance to rename the club's Murray Park training ground, according to Charles Green, who is leading a consortium who wants to buy the ailing Glasgow giants.

Green met with the Rangers Fans' Fighting Fans Fund and he described the meeting as "constructive".

One of the issues raised was the club's training complex at Auchenhowie, which was officially opened in July, 2001 and named after Sir David Murray, the club's then owner who sold Rangers to Craig Whyte last year.

Season ticket holders have been promised the chance to change the name in homage to Moses McNeil, one of the club's founding fathers, or Davie Cooper, a former winger.

Scotland have leapt seven places in the latest Fifa world rankings to sit in 41st place despite losing 5-1 to the United States last weekend.

Scotland Under-21s will take on their Belgian counterparts in a friendly at East End Park on Aug 14.

Coach Billy Stark will use the match as preparation for his team's final two European Under-21 Championship qualifying matches in September against Luxembourg and Austria.

Gregory Tade has confirmed he will be playing for St Johnstone next season.

The 25-year-old French striker has signed a pre-contract with the Perth club after leaving Clydesdale Bank Premier League rivals Inverness. The deal is for a minimum of one year.

Peterborough United have signed midfielder Danny Swanson on a two-year deal following the expiry of his contract at Dundee United.

Kilmarnock have confirmed they will play Sheffield Wednesday in a testimonial match for James Fowler at Rugby Park on Aug 8, with a 7.45pm kick-off.


Group seeks grand jury decision on Kansas City artwork - Columbia Missourian

KANSAS CITY — A group has begun a petition drive seeking to have a grand jury impaneled to consider whether obscenity charges should be filed over a sculpture at a suburban Kansas City park that depicts a partially nude woman.

The sculpture, "Accept or Reject" by artist Yu Chang, is among 11 artworks donated recently to the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens by a group of Chinese artists. The life-size bronze, on display at the arboretum since November 2011, depicts a woman wearing an opened blouse, her breasts exposed, taking a photograph of herself.

Phillip Cosby, Missouri and Kansas director of the Tupelo, Miss.,-based American Family Association, said Wednesday that the sculpture, also called "Choice," is obscene and should be removed. Cosby, a lobbyist who has led other statewide campaigns against pornography and adult stores, has started a petition drive seeking about 4,000 signatures of local voters to present to Johnson County officials to start the grand jury process. Cosby said Wednesday he's seeking a charge of promotion of obscenity to a minor and/or promotion of obscenity.

"What is distressing about this sculpture is that it's a statue of a fully nude woman and her blouse is open and she is in a sexually aroused state and her arm is extended and she is taking a picture of herself," he said. "The arboretum markets to children pretty heavily. ... They stuck this thing right in the face of the children."

Overland Park spokesman Sean Reilly said the city did not have any immediate plans to remove or relocate the sculpture from the city-owned park. He said Overland Park has posted two signs near the sculpture site telling visitors that "some pieces include a display of the human body."

Kansas is one of about six states that allow citizens to petition for grand juries. Most other grand juries are called by a judge or prosecutor.

Cosby said he has coordinated eight grand jury petitions against pornography in Kansas in the last nine years and has been successful six times. Those cases involved adult pornography at shops in Kansas.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said if county officials verify the petition signatures are valid, a judge would impanel the 15-member grand jury. The grand jury would then decide not only if a crime is being committed, but who committed the crime, Howe said. At this point, who would face charges is unclear.

Howe said he could not comment about the chances of the case resulting in criminal charges because his office is "standby counsel" to ensure there's enough information for the grand jury "to make an informed decision." The county has successfully tried other obscenity cases, Howe said, but those involved video shops and were "not in relation to art."

Doug Bonney, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas and Missouri, said his organization sees competing interests in the case: the right of citizens to petition government and the right to have public art, which is a free speech issue.

"They shouldn't give in to people who are just prudes, it seems to me," he said.

Joanne Hughes, of Stilwell, Kan., brought the issue to the attention of Overland Park officials last month after seeing the sculpture while walking through the arboretum with her two daughters, ages 4 and 2. She said warning signs weren't enough and that a museum would be a more appropriate venue for the piece.

"This is a common place for play dates," she said of the arboretum. "I'm not trying to censor art. I just think there's an appropriate line for kids. I'm not saying destroy it, just move it."


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