A pair of bills that would add new restrictions to the foreclosure process will move to floor votes in the Legislature, following a committee vote this morning.

If made law, the bills would require mortgage servicers to halt the foreclosure process whenever a homeowner applies for a loan modification. The bills would also mandate banks to designate an employee or multiple employees to act as a "single point of contact" for borrowers who may be eligible for a loan modification.

The bills also outline methods for homeowners to sue banks for injunctive relief or damages, but also give banks the right to avoid liability by fixing procedural violations. The bills also do not give homeowners a right to a loan modification.

Trade groups including the California Bankers Association, California Mortgage Bankers Association and California Chamber of Commerce oppose the measures and contend that the bills would encourage frivolous lawsuits.

Supporters, such as state Attorney General Kamala Harris, have said the bills are intended to create due process protections for financially troubled households.

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