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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Philippa turns her dream into reality - This is Gloucestershire

Philippa turns her dream into reality - This is Gloucestershire

Fine furniture making student Philippa Moss always wanted to be a cabinet maker and now her dreams are becoming a reality.

Philippa, pictured, is thought to be one of the best trainee cabinet makers in the region after coming second in the cabinet making section of the South West heat of SkillBuild 2012, the UK's biggest construction skills competition. She is now laying the foundations for a bright future.

"When I was young I always want to be a carpenter and used to spend hours watching my grandad in his workshop. But as I got older and did my A-levels I just sort of forgot about it. It was only when I returned home and started to use the tools again that I rediscovered my love for the craft."

Despite her recent success, being a cabinet maker was not always on the cards for Philippa, and it was only at the age of 24 she finally decided to pursue her dreams.

After completing A-levels, Philippa continued in education progressing on to a degree in Geology at Portsmouth University and then on to a Masters degree in Geology and Archaeology at the University of Reading. She was all set move to Canada to undertake a PHD but the funding fell through and so, at the age of 24, she found herself returning to her home county of Gloucestershire.

Once at home, Philippa rediscovered her love for cabinet making. She began designing and creating a chicken house for her mum and her interest grew and grew. Philippa was introduced to a furniture maker in Nailsworth, who recommended the furniture making course at Gloucestershire College, and was inspired to develop a career in the industry. Impressed by the level of skill and detail taught at the college, Philippa enrolled on the two year course and began to learn skills including solid wood construction and marquetry.

Philippa gained part-time employment earlier this year as a cabinet maker at Roundhouse, a kitchen design company in Malvern. In her spare time she also designs and creates decking, outdoor furniture and fencing.

Mike Hyett, fine furniture lecturer at Gloucestershire College, said: "Throughout the duration of the course students develop their skills so at the end of the two years they can create bespoke fine furniture pieces. Philippa has been a dedicated student and made a fantastic start to her career."

The college is hosting its annual Fine Furniture Exhibition this month on Wednesday, June 27, 12noon to 9pm; Thursday, June 28 12noon to 9pm and Friday, June 29 10am to 5pm at Theatre, Gloucester Campus, Llanthony Road, Gloucester. Visitors will be able to view the furniture designed and created by Philippa and her fellow classmates. It is open to everyone.


Furniture buyers want financing and warranties - survey - Jamaica Gleaner

Market research on the furniture and wooden products industry, commissioned by Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), has found that the retail market requires financing options and warranties not offered by many local furniture manufacturers.

Conducted by consultants Rohan Bell and Lincoln Price of Research and Analysis Associates Limited, between December 2011 and March 2012, the study found that the market is willing to pay a premium for furnishings for which financing and product warranties are available.

By financing is meant that customers prefer to be offered a contractual arrangement in which they are allowed to pay for the goods in parts, or a percentage at a time.

Bad perception

The researchers also recommend that local manufacturers move to correct the perception that locals cannot deliver on time.

"Businesses and households who are not impressed with local industry perceive the local furniture maker as unreliable, likely to vary from specifications agreed for an order, not offering warranty and financing, and untimely with delivery," the researchers found.

"Based on the desirability of hire-purchase options, product warranty, guarantees to supply the volume ordered, to deliver on time, and the unfavourable perception of the market for the local industry on these selling features, focus must be placed on greater pre- and post-sales services that are enablers for the consumer at the decision making stage," said the researchers.

Businesses and householders agree that they prefer to visit showrooms to inform their purchasing decisions for furniture and wooden products. The Internet was identified as an important source of shopping information for businesses, three times as much as it is for households.

The researchers indicate that focus group feedback "suggests a pervasive impression that the local furniture maker is unreliable," although additional surveys contradict this.

"The conflicting impressions suggest a need for initiatives to push back negative perceptions in the market place that undermines acceptance of the local furniture maker," the researchers said.

The study shows that the most important features for household and businesses in furniture and wooden products are durability, type of material used and the finishing. As such, the researchers suggest that product development for the local industry must focus on those qualities to improve market competitiveness and consumer value.

In the survey, the researchers found that in terms of material, mahogany is the favourite choice for businesses, while households prefer cedar.

"Those who prefer wood tend to be willing to pay a higher price for their intended purchases than the market, generally. Leather, mahoe and pine fetch the highest reserve price," the researchers also found.


Edmonton Economic Development Corporation: Edmonton Students Show Off Art to Visitors, Residents -

Join students as their artwork is unveiled at the Shaw Conference Centre's pARTnership gallery, which is the 18th stop in The Works Art and Design Festival's downtown Edmonton tour.

  Date and time: Monday, June 25 - 5 pm                                        Location: Shaw Conference Centre Hall D lobby (pedway level)                 Address: 9797 Jasper Avenue                                                   

A joint initiative with Edmonton Public Schools, the gallery contains art curated by school board experts and reinforces the centre's commitment to bring art to public spaces, seen by half-a-million guests annually in a high-traffic corridor. Over 1,100 pieces of student art were submitted by 35 schools. A committee of teachers with art experience judged the submissions and selected approximately 243 pieces of artwork for all community and partnership exhibitions in Edmonton. Twenty-seven pieces from K-12 students are in the pARTnership gallery.

"This community partnership highlights talented students who are the future of Edmonton's creative economy," says Cliff Higuchi, vice-president and general manager of the Shaw Conference Centre. "A downtown convention centre is the ideal year-round focal point for the community to engage in the development of arts and culture."

Selected students' stories:

Christopher Stoffelen, Grade 3, Afton School

Using tempera paint and black pastels, Christopher's painting depicts hoar frost on a gloomy winter day. "It feels amazing to have my work displayed," he says. He looks to his teacher, Jean Sadoway, for inspiration.

Jacob Sahunta, Grade 9, T.D. Baker School

Jacob counts Picasso as his inspiration. "For as long as I can remember, I've expressed myself through art." He liked the abstract effect he gave his landscape painting, which uses watercolour and oil pastels.

Jessica Mejia, Grade 12, M.E. LaZerte School

Jessica's artwork represents her concept of outer and inner beauty. "Art is my home, a place I can express myself freely without rules and regulations. It's a place I can escape to," she says. Jessica cites European Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens and her teacher Brenda Savella as her inspirations.

Note: School board and centre officials and selected students will be available for interviews. The art can also be viewed at

Managed by Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, the Shaw Conference Centre is one of Canada's premier meeting, entertainment, and convention venues, and encourages socially and environmentally responsible event-planning. For more information, visit

Learn more about Edmonton through the stories of people who've experienced it at

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Trenton Art All Night takes the crown for NJ fine arts in 2012 - Examiner

Artwork’s Art All Night 2012 entranced spectators for the sixth straight year at the Historic Roebling Wire Works in Trenton on June 16 at 3:00 p.m. until June 17 at 3:00 p.m.

The showcase erupted over 35 musicians and bands, film screenings, installation works, a spectrum of visual pieces, and culinary heaven in the World Food Court. New Jersey flaunted its finest creations.

“This is just mind blowing,” said Jon Gordon, 24-year-old from Marlton, a first-timer for the event. “I’ve heard people talk about it. For a person who lives in South Jersey, almost an hour drive isn’t that bad when I get to see something this amazing.”

He said he enjoyed the juxtaposition of NJ artists, such as Seward Johnson, a sculptor from the Johnson & Johnson bloodline, and Will Kasso, the bonafide graffiti savant.

Kasso explained that his friend Barbara Stange had asked him to paint her car.

“She asked for the bumper and the fender,” he said. “So I just painted the whole thing. Once it was painted, I wanted to display it at AAN. It was a big hit.”

Kasso also painted a piece for the Black-light Graffiti Lounge. This year, he stepped aside to bestow spotlight on some emerging artists.

“I let them paint,” he said. “The BLGL was beautiful. It was mad house.”

The BLGL artists traded in canvas for human skin in Rock Ya Body by Leon Rainbow. Artists illuminated six models with the black-light paint before photographers angled the women for shots. Crowd volunteers were painted next.

“I was personally painting for five straight hours,” Rainbow said.

He invited Isaias Crow to the event. The 34-year-old artist from San Diego showcased his spray-paint and acrylic hybrid piece “Crolerized: Bountiful Hands”.

“It’s my name in graffiti letters mixed with the energy and essence of a woman,” Crow said. “Been showing work since 2006. This [AAN] is gorgeous. I do a lot of community organizing in San Diego. I’m inspired.”

Trenton’s own Werner Born was featured for the fourth consecutive year. The 23-year-old has been an artist his entire life, despite his career as an engineer.

“It’s really cool that anyone can submit [art work],” he said. “It’s my first year selling a piece.”

His digital painting “Finish The Fight” sold for $115. He stood in line with an empty wine glass that was about to be greeted by AAN’s annual smorgasbord of wines.  Critique the wine, keep the glass. The art of fermentation produced an insatiable crowd.

“I came because my man told me there was $4 drink-all-night beer,” said Andrew Wilt, a 24 year-old from Trenton, who attended AAN for the first time. “It’s been a good night. The Drum Circle was bad ass.”

The AAN Drum Circle sounded off the 24 hour celebration.

Wilt was more impressed by the performances that followed the punk rock bands.

“It was all good vibes,” he said. “My favorite bands were Chalk And The Beige Americans; they were this white boy reggae punk band. The band right before them was hot too.”

“The last guys, Sweet Eureka, were a tremendous band,” said Gary Moto, a local musician who came to see the event. “They gave me their CD. He was playing with the same amp I played in 1973.”

Musical performances lit up two stages: one out-door stage and one in-door stage. The DJs changed the pace to house music at 2:30 a.m.

“We’ve played the past four years,” said Greg Ribsam, 28-year-old from Trenton and drummer for the band Dale J. Gordon who performed 12:30 a.m. until 1:15 a.m. “I like being able to get up there, speak our mind, and do what we have to do.”

The intensity needed a cool down. The installation piece “That New Car Smell” by conceptual artist Andrew Wilkinson, provided an escape to the surreal.

The dark room was trimmed with silver streamers that glistened like Christmas tinsel from light emitted by the black and white film being screen on the wall. In the absence of chairs, inflated tubes speckled the floor. One could rest. Cover songs of ABBA and The Carpenters played in the background.

“The car in America is a sanctuary,” said Wilkinson, who moved to Pennsylvania from England, and now resides in Titusville. “When you get in your car, you’re in control. It’s your bubble and your stuff. When you come in here, you’re not in control.”

He said the installation x-factor is the element of security. The black and white film was created from a trip through the car wash.

Wilkinson’s two other films, “Light Water Robot” and “Kiss Kill” were screened in AAN’s first annual Film Screening.

“I was very pleased how well-received and smoothly the first annual AAN Film Festival went,” said Film Festival Captain Joshua Borden. “There was always someone present during a showing, enjoying the film being presented. I am proud to say that every film submitted this year was shown!”

AAN’s Film Festival boasted 53 films its freshman year, according to Borden.
Need front desk assistance? There’s an installation piece for that. Trenton Social presented the Social Blog Lounge.

“They made this an installation piece itself, with an office look,” said Art All Night Blogger Kate Concannon, a 25-year-old from Cherry Hill. “That’s why we have the old school Macintosh and the fish.”

Concannon and fellow AAN Blogger Nick Stewart stationed the office to keep the world connected with artist interviews and updates through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Trenton AAN 2012 featured over 1000 art pieces. No official feedback was provided on the number of attendees or the number of pieces sold. About 19 special events were presented, as well as 17 vendors to explore at the World Food Court. Sponsors included Blue Moon, Diffy Productions, The Times of Trenton and, and many more.

“I think it’s amazing and so well put-together,” said Christina Shay, a 33-year-old event volunteer from Lambertville.

“We killed it!” said Black Collar Biz, a 28-year-old hip hop artist from Trenton. “People tonight were saying that this is what Trenton needs.”

Trenton continues to prove itself as the cultural epicenter of the East Coast.  The city's creative intellect raises the bar for modern fine arts.


Misha B unveils new single 'Home Run' artwork - picture - Digital Spy


Las Vegas Extended Stay Hotel Joins With ThinkArt! for Exhibition Showcase -

Points of View, a unique exhibition featuring the artwork of students from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Art Department, will be presented to the public from 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m., Tuesday, June 26th, thanks to a local partnership between ThinkArt! and a sophisticated Las Vegas extended stay hotel.

Recognizing the value of cultural arts, the distinctive SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center hotel, located at 2989 Paradise Road, is joining forces with the artists' organization to help generate a fresh new dialogue between an emerging generation of Las Vegas artists and the community. This impressive one-night gallery event will be featured inside the Las Vegas Convention Center hotel's smart and stylish new confines, allowing guests a first-hand view of artwork by university students.

Organized by ThinkArt! volunteers, artwork on display as part of the Points of View exhibit will be for sale to benefit the participating students. Master of Fine Arts students with artwork in the exhibit include Nathan Cote, Lolita Develay, Noelle Garcia, Scott Grow, Fred Mitchell, John Stoelting, Cynthia Berry Sullivan and Heather Younger. Bachelor of Fine Arts students included on the program are Kimberly Johnson and Hillary Price.

The ThinkArt! and SpringHill Suites partnership has forged an arts initiative designed to give local artists and students visibility while exposing guests to the local arts scene. This initiative is an extension of Think & Wonder, Inc., whose core mission is to present educational and cultural experiences that make the community a better place. In extending that mission, the partnership with the SpringHill Las Vegas hotel suites' fuses well with the hotel chain's core element of smart design.

Think & Wonder, Inc. and the ThinkArt! program offer creative open networks for residents of Nevada who wish to share their passion for the arts globally. ThinkArt! supports the growth of artists at all levels of ability and artistic disciplines and brings together diverse communities from within the city through art events and activities.

Boasting innovative d├ęcor, the SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center hotel stimulates its guests with fresh and vibrant designs throughout the property. From a spacious lobby to revitalizing hotel suites, guests are surrounded by contemporary styles and comfortable accommodations for a remarkable hotel experience.

About the SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center
The SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center hotel offers travelers the comfort of well-appointed accommodations that are 25 percent larger than comparably priced standard hotel rooms so guests can enjoy affordable comfort and the conveniences of a premier hotel near the Las Vegas Airport and popular area attractions. Whether planning to spend time on the Las Vegas Strip, shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, touring Hoover Dam or hiking Red Rock Canyon, this tasteful hotel provides everything needed for an outstanding vacation experience. Business travelers will also find a host of amenities to fit their travel needs, including on-site meeting space ideal for hosting corporate gatherings during convention center events.

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