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Monday, June 4, 2012

Palmyra student's artwork to be displayed in U.S. Capitol - Burlington County Times

Palmyra student's artwork to be displayed in U.S. Capitol - Burlington County Times

Posted: Monday, June 4, 2012 3:00 am | Updated: 12:51 am, Mon Jun 4, 2012.

PALMYRA — Something just drew Madeleine Calhoun to art.

“I’ve been doing art my entire life,” the Palmyra High School senior said. “It’s an outlet for me. I really like to express how I’m feeling through my art.”

The 17-year-old’s artwork has not gone unnoticed.

A series of oil pastel sketches that depict some of Madeleine’s travels recently won the 2012 Congressional High School Art Competition for the 1st Congressional District of New Jersey.

“I was shocked, of course,” Madeleine said about winning the competition “It’s crazy. It’s really an honor.”

Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors the competition to recognize and encourage the artistic talent of students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories. Each member of Congress hosts a competition among high school students in his or her district. Panels of local artists select the winning entries, which are then displayed in the U.S. Capitol for a year.

Since the competition’s inception in 1982, more than 650,000 students have submitted entries.

This year, Madeleine’s entry to U.S. Rep Rob Andrews, D-1st of Haddon Heights, took the top prize.

Madeleine’s art teacher, Michael Budden, said the school has entered the competition before but never won.

“I think it’s fabulous,” Budden said. “I’m proud of her. It’s kind of rare when you consider the couple hundred entries.”

But not that rare for Madeleine. Her piece already won a Merit Award at the Burlington County Teen Arts Festival in March.

The sketches feature nine landscapes from as far away as California, Maine and the Florida Keys.

“It makes me go back and relive those moments,” Madeleine said of the work. “There’s something about the feeling you get when you do that. It’s a joy for me.”

Budden said he was impressed by how well Madeleine captured the moment and expressed her emotions in her artwork.

“I think she got across to the viewer how she felt about those places,” he said. “All nine (sketches) were equally good.”

But not necessarily easy.

“The hardest part is to get the right blend of colors,” Madeleine said. “I didn’t plan on doing so many. I just made one and it came out all right, so I just made more and more of them.”

Obviously, they came out all right, too.

“I just like that I can do what I love while having other people enjoy it,” Madeleine said.

Later this month, she will join the rest of the winners from across the country for an awards ceremony in the nation’s capital.

“I’m expecting it’s going to be a fun couple of days in D.C.,” Madeleine said.

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Focus on California's 8th Congressional District: 'Tax Fraud Phil' (Part Four) - Examiner

It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows. The race for California’s 8th Congressional District has certainly proved that to be true. Or better yet: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

There are 13 candidates in the race, 10 Republicans, two Democrats and one “no party” candidate. The three non-Republicans in the race─John Pinkerton, Anthony Adams and Jackie Conaway─have behaved themselves throughout the campaign. The same cannot be said for many of their 10 Republican counterparts or their supporters.

Initially Ryan McEachron was the bad boy of CA08 but he settled down and is running a clean race. Phil Liberatore has taken his place along with supporters of both Paul Cook and Gregg Imus. I want to make one thing crystal clear and that is that I do not believe for a moment that either Cook or Imus condone what some of their zealous supporters are doing behind the scenes, and in some cases, quite publicly, but it is being done nonetheless.

Liberatore entered the race because he wants the status of being a congressman. He does not live here, does not know anything about this district, and he is not interested in us. He is trying to buy the seat, and as such, has enlisted the help of those with an ax to grind.  Included in that list is his $10,000-a-month consultant Keith Olberg, who has a closet full of skeletons, and the Nowicki family.

Back on April 10 I received an email from a Liberatore staffer wanting to know about Jeremiah Brosowske. Brosowske is with the Young Republicans and the Americans for America, a faith-based Tea Party group formed to support Gregg Imus, and he is already known for playing one campaign against the other, trying to gain confidences, and stirring up trouble.

I responded with just that information and let the staffer know that so far we know he had tried to work with several campaigns, claiming each time he thought that campaign to be better than the one before. Those that I know who had dealt with Jeremiah considered him a snitch and a spy.

I was told that Brosowske was trying to put together a meeting between Paula Nowicki and the Liberatore camp because he thought they should hear what Paula had to say. I explained that Paula was Brad Mitzelfelt’s former chief of staff and had a major ax to grind with Brad because he did not hire her son Dennis Jr. to a county position at the Board of Supervisors.

There had been issues between Paula and Mitzelfelt’s staff because Paula would expect his staff to cover for her children, especially son Kenneth, who had a severe substance abuse problems. Paula would direct staffers to pick her son up from wherever he was at and to keep the incidents hush-hush and out of the hands of law enforcement. She also asked staffers to write letters on behalf of her daughter-in-law when she was trying to get custody of her children. Staff members were uncomfortable with Nowicki’s demands of them but complied to keep their jobs.

Paula worked to unseat former county supervisors Marcia Turoci and Kathy Davis and then worked for Bill Postmus, who she turned on too. Paula also has a strong connection to corruption figure Jim Erwin who hired her daughter-in-law, Wanda Nowicki, to work for Supervisor Neil Derry. Derry terminated Wanda by way of budget cuts. During her tenure it was discovered that Wanda was a convicted felon and was spying on Fifth Floor staff for Erwin after his arrest and termination from Derry’s office. She became known as “Wanda the Wire.”

Paula’s husband, Dennis, had been on the Hesperia City Council. He worked for Supervisor Gary Ovitt around the time the acts that became known as the “Colonies Scandal” took place. Ovitt is an unnamed co-conspirator. All-in-all, the Nowicki family has been connected to many county corruption situations.

This campaign cycle the Nowicki family has been working on Paul Cook’s campaign, although they are not official employees. Paul is not the type of person to run a negative campaign based on unfounded allegations, especially allegations accusing another Marine of wrongdoing while in the service when there is no proof whatsoever.

So, through Brosowske, the Nowickis attempted to secure the help of the Liberatore campaign as that was the one campaign that could afford anything and that did not care about the truth. A meeting was set at the Nowicki home with a Liberatore staffer and the Nowickis handed over what they claimed to be damaging information about Mitzelfelt.

As the Liberatore staffer told me himself, it was mostly a bunch of petty accusations with no real substance. The one item I was asked to write about was the Nowicki’s claim that Mitzelfelt first was forced out of the Marines and then later changed the story to not serving as stated. Neither accusation can be substantiated and Mitzelfelt calls it a “total lie.” There is much proof to support Mitzelfelt’s claims and neither the Nowickis nor the Liberatores can provide documentation of their accusations.

This past Friday, after getting no traction with her backhanded way of trying to take down Mitzelfelt, Paula went public with her accusations. What is interesting is that Paula emphatically claimed to me she had no knowledge of what was going on yet now she suddenly is making accusations of things for which she could have no personal knowledge because she was not present.

Paula is scared to death that her own misdeeds will come to light. She told me she denied knowledge to the District Attorney's office. So did she lie to investigators or is she lying now? If she really does have all this information, why did she not come forward when this investigation started three years ago? Certainly, this is the smoking gun for which the District Attorney has been searching.

Those are questions that need to be considered when listening to anything Paula has to say. Remember, Paula is working to get Paul Cook elected and she hates Brad Mitzelfelt with a passion because he did not do enough favors for her family. Consider the source.

And please consider how much money Phil Liberatore is spending to buy this race.  We do not need another corrupt politician in this county.  We have plenty already.


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