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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mason Hardin's art to be displayed in Washington, D.C. - Ledger-Enquirer

Mason Hardin's art to be displayed in Washington, D.C. - Ledger-Enquirer

One Columbus teen's artwork is getting national recognition.

Mason Hardin, a 15-year-old special needs student at St. Luke's School, was one of 102 students between the ages of 5 and 15 from across the nation chosen to have personal artwork displayed at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library as part of the 2012 All Kids can CREATE exhibition. The contest was sponsored by VSA, the international organization on arts and disability and an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The theme of this year's exhibit is "What Inspires Me." Mason drew a self-portrait with her parents, writing "I will work hard like my parents do at their jobs. I will be a hard working student."

Mason was also one of 10 students selected to travel to Washington in August for the opening of the exhibit.

"She was thrilled," said Mason's mother, Becca Hardin. "She told all her friends she was going to Washington."

Mason has Mosiac Down Syndrome, a chromosomal condition associated with a delay in cognitive ability and physical growth. Hardin said, but they've made a point to keep her in inclusive classrooms, where she interacts with students of all abilities.

"Children with disabilities can learn and thrive and flourish like any other child," Hardin said. She said in addition to art, Mason also likes to swim, play with their dogs and is active in church.

To create the portrait, Mason copied a photograph of her parents and herself in pen and watercolor. Mason's art teacher, Sietske Johnson, submitted work from all her students to the contest. To have Mason's work selected out of 3,000 students is "fantastic," she said.

"It's pretty impressive," Johnson said. "She's a great artist and very dedicated once she gets inspired."

Art class is more free form than a regular classroom, Johnson said, and Mason will walk around during class and complement other students.

"She walks around and looks at other students work and says good job," she said. "She's swinging and singing and dancing. It's a very different atmosphere than a regular classroom."

Hardin, who will travel with her daughter to the opening of the exhibit in D.C., said Mason was excited about the trip.

"It's very special. The good news just kept coming," she said.

The annual "What Inspires Me" contest is part of VSA and CVS Caremark's All Kids Can CREATE campaign, which encourages learning and community engagement through the arts.

The program includes the Call for Art, artist-in-residence programs in schools and community events that expand access to the arts for students with disabilities.

Sara Pauff, 706-320-4469


Art features in Australian Museum - The Young Witness
Earlier in the year Young High School’s Year 8 art students were involved in an Aboriginal Body Art Day that was to be the beginning of an artwork to be entered into the 2012 Schools Reconciliation Challenge.

Working with the art teachers, local Koori artist Enid Clarke, and photographer Fiona Finlay, the students designed an Aboriginal-inspired artwork that was painted onto a body part.

The finished works were then photographed.

A series of the photographs were selected to be mounted and sent away to be judged.

This year’s theme My Place was shown in the artwork with many of the photographs taken in our Aboriginal Garden.

Our Year 8 students come from various cultural backgrounds and through this challenge they have gained a solid sense and respect of what reconciliation is.

The NSW Reconciliation Council were inspired by the commitment shown by educators and students across the state for reconciliation.

They received a record number of close to 1000 entries this year.

The quality and standard of work meant the judges had the difficult task of selecting only thirty-six works for exhibition.

Young High School’s series of photographs demonstrated students working together for reconciliation and showed ‘old with new’, traditional Aboriginal art, mixed with technology of 2012, such as laptops computers.

Young High School were the winners of the 7 and 8 category. Second in this category was Newtown Performing Arts HS, followed by Maitland Grossman High School in 3rd place.

On Friday evening, May 25, the visual arts teachers and Ms Enid Clarke took three of the Year 8 students to the awards ceremony at the Australian Museum Sydney.

Chloe Hardman, Alice Hines and Brodie Douglas accepted the awards on behalf of all the students involved. Some parents had also made the trip to Sydney with their children.

The exhibition is on display until July 8 or you can visit the NSW Reconciliation Council website at


Rodney King Found Dead In California Home - MTV

Rodney King, who will always be remembered as the man who set off a chain of events leading to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, was found dead in his California home on Sunday at the age of 47. Although King's own foray into music was short-lived, his unfortunate experience resonated across the country and clearly affected the content of legendary hip-hop albums like Ice Cube's The Predator.

King was brutally beaten during a 1991 traffic stop in Los Angeles, during which he was struck more than 50 times by four white officers, who were later accused of using racial slurs during the attack. Footage of the incident eventually made its way to TV, sparking public outcry. The controversial outcome of the trial led to a series of deadly riots and looting in the city that claimed 50 lives and cost approximately $1 billion in damages.

According to CNN, King was found dead on Sunday morning, after his fiancée Cynthia Kelly placed a 911 call to the Rialto, California, police at approximately 5:25 a.m. When officers arrived at the scene, King's body was at the bottom of a pool; he was confirmed dead at a nearby hospital.

Captain Randy DeAnda told reporters that police would investigate the crime as a drowning, and added that there were no obvious signs of foul play at the scene or suspicious injuries to the victim's body. "His fiancée heard him in the rear yard," DeAnda said describing the events before Kelly placed the 911 call. (Kelly met King while serving as a juror in his 1994 lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.)

Even after the L.A. riots had ended, King's beating continued to send shockwaves across the nation, thanks to the clear picture of the racially motivated police brutality that captured in the taped footage. In 1993, the accused officers stood trial, this time in federal court, and two were sentenced to 30 months in prison, while two other were acquitted. King, who brought his own lawsuit against the city, received $3.8 million in damages.

Strangely enough, in 2011 was King was ticketed for a minor traffic violation on the 20th anniversary of the beating. Besides that, the Californian also attempted to pursue a career in music, using some of his settlement money to launch it. Four years ago, King appeared on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab," where he was open about his battle with alcohol.

The impact of King's beating on the state of race in America can be heard across classic hip-hop albums like Ice Cube's The Predator and Dr. Dre's The Chronic, which captured the racial tension in Los Angeles at the time. On his single, "Who Got the Camera?" Cude made direct reference to the beating, by telling a realistic story of being assaulted by the police after being pulled over.

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