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Linda Stamberger, author of "Antiquing In Florida", is a Florida expert and freelance writer of many genres. Visit this site to read her articles - some of which are available for purchase - as is her book.

Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records

Brooks Novelty is an all-vinyl record store. We specialize in: jukeboxes, vintage soda machines, antique slot machines, pin balls, arcade games, neon clocks and signs, rare concert posters, old advertising signs and much more!

The Antique Company

Established in the late 1900's, we occupy a huge corner building with a small garden area that leads to another 1000 sq foot store (called TAC) that contains our Mid Century collection.

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Westclox photo identification gallery and history and information of clocks, watches and other timepieces. This site primarily displays American clocks made by Westclox that were made from the early 1900's up to about the 1960's.

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We are one of the country's largest, oldest, most qualified and respected appraisal services. The majority of our appraisals are estate and personal property evaluations for valuation documentation purposes. However, we have evaluated goods and personal property for natural disaster losses (hurricanes), theft, fire, freight and shipping damage after the loss has occurred.

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Featuring fine antique furniture, Connoisseur Antiques is a Los Angeles Antique Furniture Showroom specializing in antique clocks and mirrors, European and French antiques, Antique Lighting, Chandeliers, Sconces, Armoires and much more.

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Antique Hardware is the backbone of our business. We offer a complete selection of door, window and furniture hardware, lighting and accessories circa 1890 to 1970.

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San Francisco Antique and Design Mall is the largest antique mall in northern California. We opened our doors in October 1997 with 75 dealers and today we have over 200 of San Francisco's most professional antique specialists.

Ambiance Antiques

Importer of 18th and 19th Century French Antiques

C'est La Vie Antiques

European Antique and Accessories in San Diego, CA.

Lang Antiques

We carry a large selection of fine antique jewelry, antique rings & antique engagement rings. We also have vintage estate jewelry, vintage estate rings & vintage estate engagement rings from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian & Art Deco style periods.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Furniture In Fashion Launches Multifunctional Coffee Tables - YAHOO!

Furniture In Fashion Launches Multifunctional Coffee Tables - YAHOO!

Coffee table is an important purchase for every home because it is a key element in the living room furniture.

(PRWEB UK) 18 June 2012

Coffee table is an important purchase for every home because it is a key element in the living room furniture. To provide a complete and unique Living room experience, FurnitureInFashion has launched multifunctional coffee tables in a broad range of material, colors, designs and shapes. The company with its unique product line is now focusing on developing the multifunctional furniture items as well. This is to target every potential customer.

Coffee tables offered by FurnitureInFashion are multifunctional and provide a fantastic addition to a living room. These tables are manufactured using oak, leather, oak wood veneer, Mac tan stone and glass in contemporary and classic colors. FurnitureInFashion offers special tempered glass coffee tables for providing maximum endurance. Most advantageous factor of these multifunctional coffee tables is that they only take up small space, hence providing an ideal addition and functionality to even a smaller living room.

To solve the problem of space in a relatively smaller living room and adding a contemporary modern look to a large living room, FurnitureInFashion has launched special multifunctional coffee tables equipped with moving shelves. Coffee table with moving shelves is a unique addition to any living room which not only adds style and elegance but also saves an adequate space. Shelves of this table can be folded on top of one another and can be extended as per requirement. The coffee tables (dining chairs) with shelves can be easily stored or placed in a small space as they have a very slender structure if shelves are not folded outward. These tables are available in round shape and have two to three shelves. The top two shelves swivel on a center point to give a beautiful three table surface to serve the guests in style and convenience.

To add elegance and functionality in a living room, FurnitureInFashion offers contemporary coffee tables with wide compartments below the table top. These coffee tables are available in traditional and sleek designs with swivel wheels. Presence of wheels makes these tables very practical for home as not only they can serve in particular room but can be dislocated to other rooms as well. Compartment in these coffee tables provides a wonderful storing or display space. This compartment can be used to display decorative items or can be used to store books or newspapers. FurnitureInFashion has constructed these tables with finest quality material and these are suitable for modern living rooms.

FurnitureInFashion has launched stunning coffee tables with a unique combination of one drawer. These tables are the most multifunctional items designed by company with ample space to not only serve guests but use it as a space for installing TV/HIFI as well. Drawer of these tables is spacious enough to store remote controls, wires, baby toys and several other items that usually clutter the look of living room. These tables have swivel wheels which makes the relocation of these tables very convenient. These tables are available in trendy and traditional designs and will fit well into any home.

FurnitureInFashion offers several other styles in coffee tables including the chest drawer double storage coffee table. These chest drawer coffee tables not only provide space to display items or serve guests but also a very spacious storage place. It can also be used as an extra seating in a living room. Many of these coffee tables come with extra shelves in different designs. Some of these coffee tables are with a newspaper rack as well. The range of these multifunctional coffee tables by FurnitureInFashion is unlimited in terms of designs, colors and materials. All these coffee tables are available at very affordable prices. FurnitureInFashion is working towards bringing innovative furniture to enhance the practicality and space of a living room.

Luke Patel
01204 792700
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Keeping Up With the Sofas - PR Newswire

LONDON, June 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

DFS leads the UK's great Furniture Facelift in time for Britain's summer celebrations

DFS today reveals that despite 2012 being the UK's biggest year of outdoor celebrations, 61% of us Brits will be avoiding the crowds and queues, choosing instead to stay indoors and entertain friends in a more intimate setting: our very own front rooms.

It's time to forget Buckingham Palace; an Englishman's home is really his castle this year, with 70% of the UK announcing that 2012 is the year they will give-up saving to upgrade and move home, instead opting to make the most of what they already have and make sure it's as comfortable as possible for visiting friends and family.

From research polling 2,000 respondents across the UK, DFS found that rather than choosing latest gadgets or a new bathroom suite, picking a new sofa is at the top of the list of key status symbols to impress their friends.

To keep homes entertainment-ready, the UK is willing to spend up to £3,000 to make their front rooms as hospitable as possible. DFS found that Britain's great Furniture Facelift has been fuelled by TV events such as the recent series of Britain's Got Talent as well as at-home entertainment brands such as Netflix and SingStar ahead of this summer's season of celebrations.

Even though Londoners topped the list of residents most likely to host a party in their front room this summer, it's actually our friends in the North East and Wales who are most in tune with the trend, already planning to invest in a new sofa or easy chair.

To celebrate its first ever high street store on London's iconic Tottenham Court Road, DFS will be catering for people wanting to make the most of at-home summer entertainment, by stocking a new Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa - a 'cuddler sized' two-person sofa, which comes with built-in iPod entertainment dock with Bluetooth connectivity and USB port, speakers and subwoofer.

DFS operations director Keith Baker commented, "It's no surprise to us at DFS that sofas are increasingly seen as the heart of the home with many people opting to stay in for the summer and transform their front rooms into front rows for the sporting, social and entertainment occasions ahead.

"We have also seen a shift towards 'action' and 'technology' furniture, such as the Audio Sofa, as shoppers increasingly look for furniture that enhances their lifestyle and fits into their family life. Staying in is a cost-conscious option in these days of belt tightening and a new sofa is a quick and simple way to transform a home instantly, without the hassle of redecorating or the cost of moving."

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