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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Four from Sussex charged over antiques raids (From The Argus) - The

Four from Sussex charged over antiques raids (From The Argus) - The

Four charged over antiques raids in Sussex, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire

Four people have been charged with stealing antiques from auction houses in Sussex and elsewhere in the country.

Darryl Aldridge, 46, of New Barn Road, Shoreham, is due to appear at Brighton Magistrates' Court on Thursday, accused of nine burglaries.

Items allegedly stolen included antique clocks, jewellery, vases, figurines, and furniture, with an estimated value of £200,000.

Two took place at Gorringes in Lewes in May and June last year.

Three took place in Toovey's, in Washington, near Storrington, in May, June and October, and one at Denhams in Warnham, near Horsham, in July last year.

Three others took place at Concord in Cranbrook, Kent, in June 2011, at Stroud Auctions in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in October 2011, and at JS Auctions in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in July 2011.

He is also accused of a theft at Toovey's in October last year, possession of cannabis and amphetamine, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Police said property with an estimated value of £160,000 has been recovered.

Kelly Lambert, 39, of Lavender Hill, Shoreham, has been charged with theft at Tooveys in October 2011, Anthony Townsend, 49, of Upper Lewes Road, Brighton, has been charged with the burglary at Stroud Auctions, and Anthony Fortune, 54, of Park Road, Worthing has been charged with perverting the course of justice.


California yacht struck island in fatal wreck - The Guardian


Genetically Modified Foods In California: State May Require Labels For GMOs - Huffington Post

SAN FRANCISCO — California voters will soon decide whether to require special labels for food made from genetically modified ingredients, in a closely watched test of consumer attitudes about the merits of genetically engineered crops.

Advocates collected more than half a million signatures supporting the stronger labeling requirements, and the secretary of state this week certified the measure for the state's November ballot.

If it passes, California would be the first state to require labeling of such a wide range of foods containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

The proposal would require most processed foods by 2014 to bear a label telling shoppers that they contain ingredients derived from plants whose DNA was altered with genes from other plants, animals, viruses or bacteria.

Many backers of similar legislation in more than a dozen states say the intent is to give consumers more information about what they're eating, and foster transparency and trust in the food system. Major agricultural groups and the processed food industry oppose stricter labeling, saying it risks sowing fear and confusion among shoppers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says genetically modified foods pose no greater health risks than traditional foods. Opponents of labeling rules say they could prompt hikes in packaging costs.

If the measure passes, most raw or processed food made from plants or animals with engineered genetic material would need to be labeled, although certified organic foods and alcohol would be exempted. Meat and dairy products also would not require a label if the animals are fed with genetically engineered grains, which the initiative's opponents say amounts to a loophole.

"Consumers have a fundamental right to know what is in their food and make choices, so I think everyone should be working toward this," said Albert Straus, president of the Straus Family Creamery, a popular organic dairy in Petaluma. "Our labeling costs do not go through to the consumer."

Straus avoids using genetically modified feed for his herd. His creamery became the first in the country to be voluntarily certified as GMO-free in 2010.

Organic farmers say they stand to benefit from more informed consumers who may reject genetically modified products and instead choose organic food.

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a petition to label genetically engineered foods nationwide.

The Organic Consumers Association has said labeling GMO ingredients in the U.S. also would make domestic markets more competitive with markets in the European Union, which imposes guidelines on informing consumers about genetically modified food.

Labeling opponents in California, however, say the measure could spark frivolous lawsuits brought by citizens who believe a product is mislabeled, even if they don't claim to have been harmed.

"This could become a lawsuit magnet well beyond the borders of California," said Tom Scott, executive director of the Sacramento-based California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. "You're just going to see trial lawyers walking up and down grocery store aisles saying this doesn't meet the labeling requirements."

The change could also place a new financial burden on farms, said Jamie Johansson, an Oroville farmer who is second vice president of the California Farm Bureau Federation.

"Then, of course, there are the legal concerns about verifying that you are GMO-free," he said.

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen also certified seven additional initiatives for November, including a proposal to modify California's strict three-strikes sentencing law by making a life sentence on a third strike possible only when the new conviction is serious or violent.

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Antique Village readies for 2012 fair - Ionia Sentinel-Standard

“Antique Village” which for years was housed in a tent on the west side of the Ionia Free Fair grounds, moved to the Free Fair Floral Building two years ago, affording their attraction a more secure and less weather-dependent location for the displays that could be damaged by July’s unpredictable weather. The true test came during last year’s fair when unforeseen rain storms caused the Grand River to flood its banks, but leaving the Floral Building high and dry.

With days lengthening and temperatures rising, committee members of Ionia Free Fair’s Antique Village are excitedly working on plans for a bigger and better “Antique Village.” Daily demonstrations, special events, nightly entertainment, and antique displays are starting to take form. Back by popular demand will be a Classic Car Show on the Floral Building grounds. In addition to the several interesting displays that they have on the agenda already, a display featuring Ionia County rural country schools are in the works, on loan from the Ionia chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Ionia County Current School Pictures Needed
Delta Kappa Gamma, a sorority made up of teachers, decided about 15 years ago, to take on the project of gathering up as much information as possible on one room schools in Ionia County. Each person was assigned a township, resulting in a wide variety of information, including a map of each township with each school’s name listed.

Antique Village would love to include pictures of our country rural schools as they are being utilized “now” in 2012. If anyone has pictures that they would like to share during the 10 days of the Ionia Free Fair, please contact Karen Merchant at 522-1495 or Arlene Hecht at 527-0059.

A reception, for retired rural school personnel from all of Ionia County one room schools, will be held during the fair at Antique Village in conjunction with this display, from 10 a.m. until noon July 24. At this time, Peg Fell will be on hand with all of the Ionia county records available, for those who would like more information. Also, those attending are encouraged to bring a written or typed “Best Story” from their days of working in a one room school.

Floral Displays
The Ionia Free Fair open class Floriculture Division will once again be integrated within the Antique Village.

Floral displays and antiques work very well together, and in hopes of making this year the best Ionia Free Fair ever, they have several categories for your creativity and enjoyment.

New this year is a special category: “ It’s Not Old, It’s Beautiful.” Pre-registration is not required. Visit for registration sheets or pick up registration sheets at the Ionia Free

Fair office located at the west end of the fairgrounds.

Questions will gladly be answered by Karen Merchant at 616-522-1495 and Alicia Miller at 616-522-9702.

To insure that Antique Village can continue to grow and improve while keeping this 10 day event free, there will be a great and unique selection of quality raffle items available again this year.

Antique Village, open from 10 a.m - 10 p.m throughout the fair, extends this invitation to visit them and enjoy the nostalgia of days gone by with some interesting and fun looks at yesteryear, at the bigger and better 2012 Ionia Free Fair.

For schedules of their entertainment, demonstrations, and special events, please visit


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