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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting upside down is a method applied by artist exhibiting in Wirral -

Painting upside down is a method applied by artist exhibiting in Wirral -


Choice decorates household hand-painted oil painting skills -

Now have the knowledge, have grade, artistic and more people, in the life of the art of frequent contact with more and more people, in decorating a process to art into house decoration person is also more and more. And in the trend of home buyers to buy a house, the adornment of room to gradually heavy adornment, light is repaired the direction of development, art is undoubtedly bedroom adornment is very good match, and in numerous art categories, and to the art oil painting and the relationship between the household adornment most closely. For example the original oil painting, it is often love art of bedroom host, take in the home, since adornment, is the collection, is the good method of kill two birds with one stone.

Oil painting works elegant color, composition and dignified, originally is the leading role of the household adornment, so more close to the aesthetic appeal of people. Whether you deep artistic conception of the natural scenery, or shape lifelike scene depict, oil paintings for sale can always bring us a special kind of close and moved.

The real oil painting are becoming household adornment the mainstream, general with original works give priority to, from formally linen or cotton painter usually selected for the canvas, including oil painting pigment is different, colorful, adhesion, do not fade, appropriate permanent preservation, very with the collection value.

Of course, identify oil painting on canvas is very important, but the most important still is you choose oil painting and your room whole decorate photograph humorous, can build sweet atmosphere, reveal master grade. The following two little skills available for your reference:

1, oil painting and room adornment style are in agreement. Oil painting is indoor decoration whole of an organic part, it must and room adornment style is consistent, as in the European style of classic form room hang a picture of modern abstract paintings will appear nondescript. General natural scenery, flowers and modernist style of painting are suitable for metope bright, the simplicity of the room. But realistically, classical style suitable for tonal dignified, magnificently decorated the room. Impressionist painting style, because it glow, light color, good effect, so suitable for various types of the room.

2, oil painting must and room tonal into contrasting colors. Oil painting can play in indoor picture dragon point clear role. Tonal Ming yan room can choose color contrast oil painting; Sweet quietly elegant room can choose color soft work. Oil painting is tonal and room tonal is comparative color is better, but the color and picture with furniture, adorn article photograph echo. Buy painting should also pay attention to and indoor harmonious.

A good oil painting can enrich the connotation of you, can improve your taste, can transmit your value; A good oil painting can increase the appeal, harmonic atmosphere; A good oil painting can make know already, showing the emotion.


Painting over a presidential penis: Sign of respect for South Africa's Zuma or vandalism? -

Iman Rappetti / Enews via AP

Two pictures show an unidentified man defacing a controversial portrait of South African President Jacob Zuma at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Tuesday.

Two men who vandalized a controversial painting of South African President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed were due to appear in court Wednesday.

Television footage Tuesday showed a white middle-aged man in a suit walking up to the portrait, called The Spear, at a Johannesburg gallery and painting a red cross on the president's face and private parts, Reuters reported. A younger black man then  smeared black paint over the picture while the first man was being taken into custody by security guards.

"I'm doing this because the painting is disrespectful to President Zuma," one of the men told BBC News.

A BBC correspondent said he saw one of the vandals being head-butted as he was detained at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

The picture of Zuma is a facsimile of a famous poster of communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. In the red, black and yellow painting, the president is shown striking Lenin's heroic stance, but with his penis hanging out of his trousers.

Zuma's African National Congress party had already launched a legal bid to try to force the gallery to remove the picture, which it described as crude and racist.

Minutes before the vandals attacked, ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe told Reuters people had a right to criticize the government, but there were limits.

Farm worker found guilty over South African white supremacist's murder

When you had an artist depicting the president's genitals, he added, "you are not raising a discussion, you are insulting people."

Jerome Delay / AP

Amid the controversy, supporters of South African President Jacob Zuma gather outside the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The artist, Brett Murray, is well-known in South Africa for his work criticizing the white-minority apartheid government that ended in 1994.

The painting was taken down from display after the attack, prompting the Zimbabwe Mail newspaper to file a report headlined “Presidency penis goes into hiding.”

'Paucity of morals'
The Goodman Gallery said Murray’s exhibition, called Hail to the Thief II, “continues his acerbic attacks on abuses of power, corruption and political dumbness.”

“Murray’s bronzes, etchings, paintings and silk-screens form part of a vitriolic and succinct censure of bad governance and are his attempts to humorously expose the paucity of morals and greed within the ruling elite,” the gallery said on its website, which was still showing an unvandalized image of the painting.

Zuma has been married six times and fathered 21 children.

Anton Harber, chairman of South Africa's Freedom of Expression Institute last week called the ANC's criticism of the picture "silly" and defended artists' right to pose difficult, uncomfortable questions with their work.

Zuma sworn in as South Africa’s president

The arrested men, Barend la Grange, and Lowie Mabokela were due to appear in court Wednesday, The City Press newspaper reported, along with a third man arrested outside the gallery after allegedly spraying paint on a wall.

Reuters contributed to this report.

More world news from and NBC News:

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Oil painting decorative home add household color happier -

People to the requirements of the grade of the life that occupy the home is more and more high, in addition to decorate a style, furniture beyond, painting works actually can bear living room "the pen that nods eyeball". art oil painting is the adornment picture aristocratic a, according to the needs of the customer copy or creation, the style is unique. Now introduce the different areas of activity of the selection and arrangement oil painting.

The sitting room serves as household main activity place, is each family of the most remarkable place, and to have contact inside and outside, communication cuisine of the mission. In the sitting room hanging oil painting on canvas, its theme, tonal, style and even match boxes with the furniture should be in the unified and decoration.

If is classical especially the style that restore ancient ways, the European palace or religious subjects for the best choice. The heavy and complicated composition, luxuriant scene and a long culture, veiled divergent a luxurious atmosphere magnates, while at the same time never fails to highlight master status and connotation of culture, can greatly improve the whole decorates the effect. If is neutral partial conservative style, the classic or realistic buildings, landscape is the best choice. Choose when, in addition to the mass-tone attune, space level, painting work precision "hardware" outside factors, painting the building or the landscape of their own features also not allow to ignore, because the connotation and the soul is works by it gives. If is contemporary and contracted style, is a half original classic partial impression style of the works is the best choice.

The bedroom is wonderful dreams, indulging in the whimsical fantasy, is a catalyst for the coupling of real life and fantasy. Because the bedroom is master illicit close territory, so in oil painting on topics need not formality, the only purpose is to build comfortable and easy and comfortable, romantic atmosphere. If you don't have a specific idea, I recommend the human body and warm color attune scenery subject, classical or classical partial impression kind of style. Hang a picture to best place of the bedroom is the head of a bed, be sure to use double nail suspension to ensure safety. The bedroom with oil paintings for sale cultured is overall coordination with local set off and, through the visual contrast to highlight adornment effect.

In a restaurant with a relaxed in lively, quietly elegant is downy canvas, will bring you dine cheerful mood. Whether and simple sense hale real wood table or modern connect the glass table is tie-in, can build a relaxed and pleasant, appetite big leave atmosphere.

Classical still life such as fruit platter, flowers vessels is more orthodox choice; Also can choose according to the individual, such as red wine, Big blue mountains and green waters, and realistic landscape also can yet be regarded as urban fast rhythm of gens individuality choice.

Choose painted with restaurant should pay attention to the following: tonal should be soft and pure and fresh, the picture to clean and neat, brush to exquisite realistic. In dining-room and sitting room with a body, best can match with the sitting room painted phase coherent coordination.


Zuma painting an attack on African culture - New

THE controversial painting by Brett Murray which exposes President Jacob Zuma’s genitals cannot be classified as art but a personal attack on a black head of state by a white artist considered by some as a racist.

The painting, titled ‘The Spear ’, is being displayed at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. It is an insult to blacks and their culture and outright abuse of artistic freedom by Murray and the gallery that is displaying it.

South Africa is a democracy and has one of the best constitutions in the world. South Africans have the right to criticise anyone, including the president, but making personal attacks on the head of state and putting such provocative paintings of Zuma with his genitals exposed is just over the limit.

Murray has just gone too far in exercising his freedom of expression. In fact this is outright abuse of the freedom of expression and a violation of the President’s rights and privacy which he is entitled to as a citizen of this country.

Surely Murray’s painting has nothing to do with freedom of expression but a direct attack on Zuma, his family and the presidency itself. I wonder what would happen if Murray had insulted the head of state of an Islamic country or Prophet Mohammad. Moslems would have invaded the gallery and beat the hell out of the artist in question or any official who allowed such offensive painting to be put on display.

The artist would probably have joined British author Salman Rushdie in hiding. Rushdie got carried away while exercising his right as an author. But he went too far when he published his book titled ‘Satanic Verses’.The book sparked worldwide controversy in the Moslem world, leading to the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, passing a death sentence on him on February 14, 1989.

Moslems around the world were ordered to hunt the author down and kill him for insulting their faith and prophet Mohammad. Rushdie was forced to go into hiding and was provided with round the clock protection by the British government.

Well, we don’t want that to happen to Murray but he is also lucky that he lives in South Africa where artists can abuse their freedom of expression and get away with it.

What angers me as an artist myself and writer is that there are some people, especially whites, who have come to Murray’s defence while his backers have ignored Zuma’s rights as a human being, father and citizen of this country.

I am also not surprised by many black people who have condemned his painting. Murray has also been attacked by Zuma’s political opponents who believe that this time, the artist has gone too far and should be dealt with decisively. These are probably times when the ANC needs people like Julius Malema to deal with Murray, men of conviction.

South Africans of all races should unite in condemning the abuse of artistic freedom by Murray and other artists who hide under the country’s constitution. Zuma is a public figure as head of state but he is also a an individual whose rights should be respected by all of us.

You do wonder what would have happened had Murray been living in Zimbabwe or China after attacking the President like that. Your guess is as good as mine. Such behaviour by Murray has become a recruiting platform for those who take the view that leaders like Robert Mugabe are heroes of the African continent. Mugabe does not tolerate nonsense in his country, especially from people who think they are better than other races.

During the apartheid era, white journalists and artists never insulted white leaders using their art. Why are they allowed to insult a black President? I am not a Zuma apologist, but it angers me as a black person to see a white artist abusing his artist freedom to insult a black President.

I was not surprised when one official of the Church of Nazareth, Enoch Mthembu, called on South Africans to kill the artist Murray for what he called “insulting blacks and their culture”.

Mthembu, whose church has embraced African traditions, said Murray's painting was an attack on all black people in South Africa and deserved to be stoned to death.


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