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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Antique coins and watches taken - Medford Mail Tribune

Antique coins and watches taken - Medford Mail Tribune

A burglar made off with $70,000 in antique coins and watches from a home near Williams, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department reported.

A man reported Wednesday that someone had broken into his house in the 17000 block of Highway 238 near Williams, most likely on Sunday or Monday, May 13 or 14, sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson said.

The burglar took the man's wallet and two framed shadow boxes. One shadow box contained 12 antique pocket watches and the other contained antique coins.

The oldest of the stolen coins dates to 1528, and eight other coins, from the 17th and 18th centuries, are made of sterling silver, Carlson said.

The stolen pocket watches include two Patek Philippe watches, a Cartier watch, a Vacheron Constantin and others that were purchased at auction between 1991 and 1994.

Carlson said there was no evidence of forced entry to the home.

The case is under investigation, and anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to call the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 541-774-6800 or the anonymous tip line at 541-774-8333.

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Bridport girl reaches final of short story competition run by Chris Evans -

Bridport girl reaches final of short story competition run by Chris Evans

TALENTED teenager Bethan Smith has beaten 74,000 rivals to win a place in the finals of a short story competition on Chris Evans’s breakfast show.

The 13-year-old is in the final 25 of her age group is the Radio 2 DJ’s 500 Words contest with The Antique Shop.

Colfox pupil Bethan will travel to the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts in Wales with the other finalists for a live broadcast where the winner will be announced.

And she may have her story read by funnyman David Walliams as part of the event.

Bethan, who lives in Walditch with mum Tracey, dad Anthony and sisters Abbey, 16, and Imogen, four, said: “It is really exciting.

“I didn’t think I would get this far.

“It is the first writing competition that I have entered.

“I am quite nervous about the festival but it is a big achievement just to get in the final 25.

“I don’t really mind how I do. It should be a nice day.”

Some 74,000 youngsters entered the short story competition run by DJ Evans on his breakfast show. Judges will pick gold, silver and bronze winners in age nine and under, and 10 to 13 age categories.

There are 25 finalists in each age category.

Bethan’s story tells of a girl who goes into an antiques shop and is captivated by a music box, but there are unforeseen consequences.

David Walliams will be among those reading entries at the Hay Festival in at the end of this month.

Bethan said she heard about the competition from her friends and saw posters advertising it.

She is a fan if the Twilight series of books and recently just read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which she loved.

Bethan said: “I’ve always written my own little stories but this is the first competition I have entered.”

She added she would like a career as a writer when she is older either writing books or in journalism.

Mum Tracey said that Bethan always has her nose in a book or a Kindle.

Visit 00words/2012/ to read Beth’s story and for more information. Bethan’s story is also on

Beth's story: 'The Antique Shop'

The old shopkeeper sat at the counter, wasting time. He hadn't had a customer for years; antiques just weren't that popular anymore.

He'd been sat here for years. He wore plain clothes, old fashioned and moth eaten, but these were hidden by his long black coat which hung about him with an air of mystery. Not eating, sleeping, moving, he looked almost frozen in time. But he didn't need any of that, not anymore.

Suddenly, the old rusty door bell jingled brightly, and the frozen shopkeeper came to life. He sat up and gave a welcoming smile. A small red haired girl wandered in, browsing around.

Then she spotted it, sat in a clear glass display case, glittering in the sunlight, was a blue glass music box, with gold patterns and a shining golden key. She went over and pressed her nose against the glass, gazing longingly at it.

The glass display case was shining in the sunlight, but splotchy patches were grey due to a build up of dust. The shopkeeper looked at her hopefully; egging her on 'Please' he thought 'choose the music box'. She strolled nervously to the counter.

"How much is the music box?" she mumbled hopefully.

"£10," he smiled "Can I buy it, please?" she asked, slightly impatiently.

"Of course of course, sorry," he mumbled and ducked under the counter. He came up a second later with a rusty ring of keys, and led the way to the display case.

As he lifted the glass, there was a slight whoosh of the clean, fresh air leaving the display case. The girl reached in and picked up the music box, stroking her fingers along the smooth glass casing around the clockwork.

She turned the small key four times clockwise and listened to the tune.

He watched with anticipation as she started to fade away. She didn’t notice, she was too absorbed in the sweet tune, hypnotised by its menacing music. She faded and faded until she was nothing but a wisp of smoke, hanging innocently in the air, wavering at the slightest breeze.

He pulled a jar out from his long black coat and caught her in it, clasping it shut as if she was a precious diamond. Then he put her on the shelf with all of the others.

The young girl wandered into the Antique shop, looking at all of the old dusty jewellery boxes, and china statuettes.

A large vase with a marbled pattern caught her eye, reminding her of her mum. She'd like something like that.

The girl went to the back and looked at all of the furniture, the dusty moth-eaten armchairs and the rotten rocking chairs that looked as if they would fall down at the slightest touch. Nothing interested her much, so she turned to leave.

She was almost at the door, when she saw it, shining in a dusty glass display case, blue glass with golden patterns and a tiny golden key. It was a beautiful music box.


Synthetic doesn’t mean you compromise on style -

Natural rattan is without doubt one of the most popular materials used in furniture making. It is an extremely pliable material, so its ideal for forming furniture pieces for the home and garden. It is incredibly strong, has been utilised to make furniture for centuries, it will not splinter, and has excellent durability that can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

Taking into account all these benefits, you might ask yourself why we have seen an influx of synthetic rattan patio and conservatory furniture on sale in the UK in recent years? Consumers are asking themselves if they should purchase natural or synthetic rattan furniture for the garden or conservatory? There’s no obvious weakness to natural rattan, so why is there a need for a synthetic version?

Well the primary reason is cost. Rattan style garden furniture is continuously growing in popularity and manufacturers wanted achieve the distinctive timeless look and feel of natural rattan at a fraction of the cost.
The other big advantage of synthetic or poly rattan is that fact it is not susceptible to mould like the real thing, and it is very easy to clean with just warm water and washing up liquid. Synthetic rattan furniture still maintains the look and feel of natural rattan combined with that long lasting durability that has made it such a popular material in the construction of outdoor furniture.

Wrapped around a strong aluminium frame, manufacturers use plastics and resin to create the wicker-like weave. And just like the real thing, the plastic is extremely compliant and easy to shape. It is available in a wide range of colours, plus it still maintains all that strength we associate with natural rattan.

With any form of synthetic furniture, it is not uncommon for people to generalize that due to the lower price, the quality is simply not there, but that is just not true. Synthetic rattan is built to last, whether it’s left on the patio or in your conservatory. Natural rattan, whilst unquestionably beautiful, can be easily damaged by UV light if left in direct sun.

If you let the price of this type of furniture taint your decision when making a purchase then you could be missing out on real bargain.

With new designs coming out all the time, there are some fantastic promotions to be found and regular conservatory furniture sales can be found online and in stores. Plus, many of the modern synthetic rattan furniture ranges are still what most people would consider a ‘luxury’ item. Their design sophistication, and the innovative framing techniques that are used, makes synthetic rattan furniture highly desirable.


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